Many four-legged friends

are waiting at the Kinderhotel's petting zoo

Here at Bliem's Familienhotel we would like to pass on our fondness for animals to our hotel guests – especially to children. Our many animals at the “Bliem Ranch” love visitors and eagerly await being petted. Petting zoo and children just belong together at the family-friendly hotel in Schladming, as almost all children love to get in contact with nature and animals.

Petting animals on the Bliem Ranch

The cheeky goats “Greta” and “Roxy” love to show off their climbing skills and are always happy to receive carrot treats, just as their neighbors, the velvety-soft rabbit family and the guinea pigs .  

Talking of velvety-soft – Wenzel, the cat also loves to be cuddled. He has a few favourite spots where he's waiting for children.

Riding in the children's hotel

Sissy, Lotti and Mitzi are the three donkey ladies at the Bliem ranch. Several times a week you are invited to join us feeding the animals.

We offer a horse riding excursion for all children to a nearby farm every week (in summer) at no extra charge. An exciting family adventure!

The funny chicken family

The secret stars of our farm are definitely the members of our chicken family! The two Easter Eggers Trude and Mariandl, the small Booted Bantam-Golden-Porcelains Goldi, the two Chabos Hanni and Nanni with rooster Zorro and the two New Hampshires Lady and Gaga have been with us on the farm since 2016.

With a bit of luck you'll even get an egg from our own chicken at the breakfast buffet.

“Child-friendly hotels in Austria”

We actively live this slogan and aim to delight your child by making fond memories that last well beyond your stay with us. The engaging program with petting zoo in our family-friendly hotel in Styria will get kids excited about experiencing nature and animals up close. A unique adventure for many young guests as direct interaction with nature has stopped to be part of many children's everyday life.

Several times a week visitors are invited to feed the animals with us!

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