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Many four-legged friends

are waiting at the Kinterhotel's petting zoo

We would like to pass on our fondness for animals to our hotel guests – especially to the children. Our many animals at the “Bliem Ranch” love visitors and are waiting longingly for cuddles. For us the words family hotel, petting zoo and animals just belong together, because almost all children love to get in contact with nature and animals.

The cheeky goats “Greta” and “Roxy” love to show off their climbing skills and are always happy to receive carrot treats, just like the super-soft rabbit family. 

Talking of super-soft – “Romy” the cat also loves to be cuddled. She has a few favourite spots, and there she’ll receive visits from children.

Riding at the Kinderhotel

The Donkey ladys "Sissy" and "Rosi" are always happy to pats and delicious hard bread from the kitchen (2 times a week)

The chicken-family brings us fresh eggs for the breakfast-buffet on 2 days a wekk! 

“Child-friendly hotels in Austria”

We actively live this slogan, because it gives us the greatest pleasure to see children beam with joy and to see them gather lovely memories that will stay with them for a long time. Experiencing nature and animals at first hand is something very special for most children, and something they often can’t have in their everyday lives.

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