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Summer holidays at the Kinderhotel

with running and Nordic walking

...as fitness activities!

Running and Nordic walking are two endurance sports that stay continuously popular. They are easy to master and no specialised equipment is needed to get going. These sports go perfectly well with all the relaxation, fun and games, especially during summer and autumn holidays at the Kinderhotel. 

The sports region Schladming Dachstein guarantees high quality sporting experiences

Top performance is not merely dependant on the personal fitness level of the sportsperson, but also on the surroundings in which the sport is practised. The entire region profits from regular professional sporting events and from being a training ground for many of the world’s best sportspeople. The experience and knowhow gained from this fact result in great sporting facilities, which also amateurs are welcome to use.

Running – when sportspeople grow wings

The Schladming Dachstein region boasts 45 running routes with varying distances and levels of difficulty, making it one of Austria’s most sportive districts. It is not always easy, especially for guests, to find the right running route. With information panels at all starting and arrival points – showing a graphic representation and description of the route, the distance and an altitude profile – the choice can be adjusted to every individual’s needs. Routes vary in length between 1 and 42km and are mainly along gravel and sand paths, giving the runner nature to enjoy as well as a pleasurable sensation underfoot while running.

Just 50m away from the hotel, our guests can choose between 3 signposted running tracks of different length and difficulty. So, put your running shoes on, warm up and get going!

Nordic walking – explore nature with big steps and sticks

This sport has developed into a mass phenomenon, because everybody can practise it at their own pace, depending on health, condition and motivation. From relaxed to seriously ambitious – everything is possible. Those who listen to their bodies will definitely achieve a positive effect on their cardiovascular system and their endurance. Muscles are also strengthened and stubborn fat reserves can be targeted.

Nordic walking is ideal for people who want to adjust to sports, because there are no prescribed rules for speed or distance.

Nordic walking sticks can be borrowed at the hotel!

Please bring your own trainers and comfy clothes – we provide the Nordic walking carbon sticks and plenty of nature to walk in. And off we go...

  • 85% of your muscles get exercised; by using the sticks this trains the upper body
  • The cardiovascular performance and the aerobic endurance improve significantly
  • Muscle tensions in the shoulder and neck area are resolved
  • Using the sticks relieves the musculoskeletal system by up to 30%
  • With an ideal pulse rate Nordic walking achieves a high rate of fat burning, resulting in surplus kilos just melting away
  • For best results our Nordic walking instructor and hiking guide introduces our guests to this sport

Fit & active