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Bliem family & team

Bliem family & team

Family-owned by the Bliem family since 1986, Bliem's Familienhotel is geared to providing exceptional family-friendly holidays with an emphasis on fun-filled activities parents can enjoy together with their children along with plenty of opportunities to be independent.

The small and charming Kinderhotel in Haus im Ennstal near Schladming is run by our family and a great team of staff passionate about offering our valued guests personalized service to make them feel at home.

We know from own experience that it requires a unique hotel program to ensure both parents and their offspring enjoy the best time of the year.


Waltraud and Georg Bliem

Waltraud and Georg Bliem bought the hotel in 1986. Since then, senior partner Waltraud has taken care of the hotel. She is the cleanliness police in the house and ensures order around the hotel. In the meantime, she is also supported by granddaughter Johanna, who often scurries through the hotel together with her grandmother.
The decoration, flower arrangements and fragrance management in the hotel are also very important to her. But there is always time for a chat with the guests.

Georg Bliem's main job is managing director of the Planai Bahnen in Schladming. But he is also often to be found at the hotel, especially for dinner ;-) Often he also supports son-in-law Stefan with the care of animals, garden and indoor pool.


Katharina Bliem

Since 2016, the next generation has also been at work in the hotel with Katharina and Stefan. Katharina primarily takes care of the reception, marketing and the homepage, but like mother Waltraud is also a girl for everything that comes up in the hotel.
Stefan has trained as a mountain hiking guide and accompanies our guests, summer and winter, to the most beautiful places in our region. He is also a passionate ranger and is always happy to introduce our animals to the children. On the side he also has his own company (
In 2018 and 2020 our youngsters were born: Johanna and Anton are also right in the middle of the hotel business and are always happy to have new playmates.
In 2021 Stefan then also officially became a "Bliem". Katharina and Stefan got married.

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The Bliem Team

It makes us proud to hear again and again in hotel evaluation portals, on our own questionnaires as well as in numerous verbal feedbacks how great our team works. Friendliness and closeness to our guests are important to us and we are pleased that our employees pass this on. Many of them have been part of the team for decades.

You can find more information about our Bliem team here.

Bliem's history and milestones:

The Scharfetter family converted the house at the foot of the Hauser Kaibling into the "Gasthof zur Krummholzhütte". Later, under the leadership of the Dobersberger family, the inn rose to the hotel business.

Waltraud and Georg Bliem fulfilled their dream of creating a place that offers vacations for young and old, for the whole family. They bought the "Hotel Hauser Kaibling" and in the same course they renovated the first guest rooms and the club room.

Junior manager Katharina Bliem was born. She was therefore always resident in the hotel from an early age. With her came the first petting animals, at first it was only rabbits, later the first donkeys Niki and Maya were added.

The former Hotel Hauser Kaibling became a founding member of Kinderhotels Austria and thus vouched for a family-friendly vacation destination. Waltraud Bliem was also a board member of the group from the beginning and was thus able to play an active role in setting milestones for family vacations in Austria.

Professional child care staff and hiking guides (in summer) were hired, thus bringing the hotel offer to a new level. In addition, our petting zoo was further expanded and many animals found a home with us.

The constant growth of enthusiastic families demanded an addition to the back of the hotel with suites and a first expansion of the children's world.

On December 23, 2003, the curtain fell on the Hotel Südseite, under which many energetic hands had been working for months on the largest addition in the hotel's history. The addition of the new restaurants, the enlargement of the rooms to suites, apartments and studios have changed the hotel permanently and increased the quality enormously.

From the playground was created a real play paradise with ranch and many play facilities. From now on, the upper part of the garden was considered a quiet garden for parents, the lower garden was the summer heart for children. Shortly thereafter, the rustic Krummholzstüberl was converted into a cozy fireplace room.

The wellness trend of the 2000s had also left its mark on us. Two small saunas in the indoor pool became an indoor pool with a large sunbathing area and a separate large wellness area for adults only, with three saunas and a large rest area. In the course of this, the 3rd large extension of our playroom was built on top of the wellness area: The ball pool was opened.

The hotel lobby was remodeled, the guests from now on welcomed in the friendly reception area.

Hotel Hauser Kaibling became Bliem's family hotel. A new era has begun. The new name should demonstrate even more precisely what the hotel stands for. A family hotel, run by a family. The unique, family atmosphere should also be reflected in the name.

After several years with the Austrian Ski Association, the time was ripe for Katharina Bliem to join her parents' business. Since then, the marketing of the hotel has been in her hands. A new advertising presence, new homepage and a new mascot began to emerge.

After more than 25 years as a member of Kinderhotels Austria, the time was ripe for a change. Due to the establishment of many large hotels in the Kinderhotel group with completely different concepts, we no longer felt that we belonged. In September 2017, we therefore left Kinderhotels and switched to Familyselecthotels. The Familyselecthotels are also a subgroup of the Kinderhotels, so we can continue to use the Kinderhotel Academy with numerous training opportunities for our Donki Club caregivers.
At the same time, Donki, our new mascot, also moved in with us. Donki is a cool sporty donkey who feels right at home in our hotel.

The junior chef was born and has been mixing things up in the hotel ever since. At the same time, Katharina's husband Stefan joined the business and has been working as a hiking guide ever since. He also lovingly takes care of our garden, so that since then many new attractions for children have already been created.
In the fall of 2018, our indoor pool was also rebuilt from scratch and renovated, since then it shines in completely new splendor.

From the platform we were elected at the beginning of the year among the best children's hotels in Europe. Place 25 in the overall ranking, with hundreds of rated hotels as well as place 1 in Styria honor us very much.

Junior chef number 2 is on his way. In August 2020 our little Anton was born.

The large, long-planned conversion of our indoor play area has finally been implemented. Since December 2022, with the start of the winter season, there's even more gaming fun. 

...what will happen next? We don't know what the future holds, but we can assure our guests that we will always put our heart and soul into our work and want to ensure for many, many years to come that families find the perfect platform for their time out together in a small, personal setting.

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