Bliem family & team

Family-owned by the Bliem family since 1986, Bliem's Familienhotel is geared to providing exceptional family-friendly holidays with an emphasis on fun-filled activities parents can enjoy together with their children along with plenty of opportunities to be independent.

The small and charming Kinderhotel in Haus im Ennstal near Schladming is run by our family and a great team of staff passionate about offering our valued guests personalized service to make them feel at home.

We know from own experience that it requires a unique hotel program to ensure both parents and their offspring enjoy the best time of the year.

Waltraud Bliem

Has been managing the hotel for 30 years, since June 1986 to be exact. A lot of passion has been put into the continuous development of our offer and the various reconstruction works in the last decades.

Georg Bliem

Although not employed full-time in the hotel, he is on the premises frequently. Be in for the maintenance of garden and petting zoo or for the weekly welcoming of guests.

Katharina Bliem

Grown up in the hotel, the host family's daughter shares the hotel management with Waltraud Bliem since spring 2016. While she can often be found at the hotel reception, her main responsibilities include the activity program and the hotel's marketing strategy.

Bliem’s Family Hotel

in Schladming-Dachstein