Regulars to show off

Well over 300 years of vacation loyalty united in one picture

Well over 300 years of vacation loyalty united in one picture

Regulars to show off

When guests become regulars, that is the greatest honor for us....

... and this award really emphatically gave us the group "Wanderfreunde". The cover picture shows almost 350 years of vacation loyalty at Bliem's family hotel. If all the wives, children and grandchildren of the troupe, who have also spent their vacations with us over the past years and decades, were also to be seen in the pictures, we would probably be strongly scratching the 500 mark, not to mention the extended circle of friends of the group, which includes a few more families who are not with us this year.


Getting to know each other

At the end of the 80's, beginning of the 90's, at the very beginning of the Kinderhotel times in Bliem's Familienhotel, the young families with their offspring got to know each other in our hotel. Katharina, the junior manager, then just of kindergarten age, made friends with the accompanying children Nicole, Matthias, Konrad and Co. and the parents also gradually became friends.
The years passed, numerous summers came and went but once a year they met regularly for a well-deserved summer vacation in the Schladminger mountains. The kindergarten children became school children, the school children became teenagers. Some of the children slowly turned their backs on the summer vacation with their parents, but the parents - the parents still came.


Many more years

From the regular meetings during the summer vacations at Bliem's, more meetings emerged in 2010. Every two years, a different family presents their hometown and all hiking friends, including Bliem's senior hotel manager Waltraud are present at the meetings. Many great cities have already been presented here: Dresden, Vienna, Luxembourg, Leverkusen and next on the agenda is Ulm.
By the way, there are also regular parties at the meetings in the summer: Every year, the large group celebrates round birthdays, retirements or simply other good reasons to drink a good schnapps.


Mountains & Nature

Despite their advanced years, the majority of the group is still extremely good on their feet. The many years of hiking have ensured a condition that can still cause envy in some younger people. Some of them are taking it a bit easier, but all of them are still on their feet every day and on the way in the beautiful mountains of our region. The love of the mountains still unites the whole troop and has also been passed on to the next generation.


The offspring

Some of the "kids" are still on vacation almost every year, many of them already back with their own partners and children, for offspring in the Kinderhotel is definitely provided. But of course we hope that many more will follow here and perhaps these children will also make friends again that will last for decades.

Liebe Wanderfreunde

We can really be proud of guests like you. We are really happy when we still hear after so many years that you feel at home in our house. We really hope that we can spend many, many more healthy years together.

Also our 2011 anniversary newspaper for the 25th anniversary of the hotel, was full of nice contributions from the Wanderfreunde families. Here are a few excerpts from the newspaper, some with original contributions from the old hotel guest books.


We look forward to seeing you!

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